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A few years ago, I was told that I had to cut all gluten and dairy from my diet. 
I was devastated until I realized I could still embellish my sweet tooth with cakes and cookies. Simple recipes like these kept me going with a smile. 
Inspired by my old roommate's "Hippie Cookies," which were basically spoonfuls of tahini and honey with cardamom -- (so good!) and my teacher's maca chocolate aphrodisiac truffles (I fell in love at first bite..). I also recently discovered Rosemary Gladstar's "Zoom Balls" recipe (yes!).
I love the ease and flexibility of this recipe. Try adding or substituting the herbal supplements for what your body needs right now. I’ve been using Ashwaganda instead of maca in mine.
I hope you enjoy getting your herbal boost as much as I do ;) 

Hemp Honey Truffles
for about 10 truffles
< 5 min prep

1/2 cup          golden flax meal
1/2 cup          hemp seeds
3 spoonfuls   raw cacao powder (optional)
2 spoonfuls   raw maca powder (optional)
1 spoonful     coconut oil (warmed to liquid)
2 spoonfuls   raw honey
2 spoonfuls   sunflower seed butter (or raw sprouted nut butter)
1 pinch           pink Himalayan salt

Combine flax, hemp, and power powders (herbs and spices -- get creative), then add the oil, honey, and butter. Mix well. 
Arrange truffles on wax paper, sprinkle with salt, and cool in the fridge for about 20 min to set. 


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